Liming’s Lynkx
5/25/2022 (7:23 PM)

It looks like the nation (The United States) is in an incredibly negative mood right now and I wonder how that has happened?

Could it be everything that has gone on in the past few weeks and months? The Covid-19, the monkey pox, the mass shootings at schools, the inaction of the government in doing anything to prevent gun violence in the country, the Republicans seeming to abandon the democratic ideal to embrace totalitarian authoritarianism ….could it be any of those things and a dozen more … the threat of nuclear confrontation with Russia over the Ukrainian mess ….any or all of the above?

I am not the least bit surprised that America is in an unprecedented negative mood — on top of all the things I just mentioned, now we have runaway inflation, people scrambling to make ends meet, children going hungry, the price of everything soaring out of sight …you name it and anyone can find something to be feeling negative about.

Johnny Depp (A movie star) and some woman named “Moss” are in court again today. I guess there is some kind of court case going on about one party defaming the other or something. I do know that in my opinion, this whole thing has become a kind of circus and I really don’t care the least bit about what is happening there or who it is happening with. But there must be a lot of people in America getting their jollies watching the antics connected to the trial because it is gaining a lot of media coverage. The good thing, as far as I am concerned, is that this too shall pass and in a few years I will wager that very few people will remember anything at all about it.

I either got bit by something or I am allergic to something because this afternoon, I noticed a slight itch in my right thumb and now, a few hours later, it is slightly swollen and reddish. If it gets worse by morning, I guess I will be forced to go to the doctor and get it looked at. I can’t imagine what it might be …maybe a small spider or a mosquito …. maybe something I ate or a food supplement that I took. I will just have to keep an eye on it and hope that it improves before it gets worse.

I became fascinated by an article I found on the Internet today talking about the soaring gas prices in the United States. Take a look for yourself and see if you are as fascinated with the article as I am …Read More.

I was supposed to be watching movies right now with my friend but as we were preparing to settle down to the evening’s entertainment, the telephone rang and my friend answered it. That has been quite awhile now since he answered the phone so I am suspecting a long conversation is underway. This is getting to be a nuisance, that damned phone …. if it isn’t constant robocalls from people wanting to sell something or wanting to scam us, it is interruptions at the most inconvenient times … the kinds of interruptions that can destroy an evening’s worth of good times.

I am feeling somewhat better about my blog today. I have already gotten 12 visitors today which is an improvement over what it has been. The exciting thing to me is that my blog is being indexed on Google now, a little more each day it seems, so perhaps in the near future more and more people will be able to find me and share in these little eccentric rants of mine. That is a good thing.

Recently we have seen another uptick in Covid cases and it grabbed the headlines for awhile before the Texas school shooting happened. Now, of course, the increasing covid crisis has been replaced in the headlines by the more salable news about the mass shooting … which I can readily understand …

But the covid thing is still out there hospitalizing people … even people who have been fully vaccinated in some cases …. but there are still about 80 million people who been blinded by the anti-vaccination bullshit of a previous administration and who still steadfastly refuse to get themselves vaccinated. These idiots actually believe the lie that vaccinations are dangerous because they are experimental. I mean to say that several million people have already safely gotten vaccinated and the brainwashed idiots on the side of the anti vaxxers are still claiming that the vaccines are dangerous because they are experimental. I would say that with all the millions who have gotten their shots and benefited from the experience, the idea of “Experimental” has long since passed. But the anti vax crowd is still out there, refusing their shots and gleefully and ignorantly spreading the virus to whomever they can without giving it a second thought.

I’m going to go lie down now and take a nap.

Liming’s Lynkx

It looks like Hungary has declared a state of emergency because of the war in Ukraine and their prime minister, Viktor Orban will now rule the country by decree.

Let me remind all Americans that the radical factions of the Republican Party have held their CPAC in Budapest, Hungary so that they can listen to Hungarian prime minister Orban tell them how to run our government like he runs his. At least that is my opinion of why they went over there instead of having their meeting here on American soil.

The American radical Repuplicans have reportedly been admiring Orban and his government for some time now and I am thinking that very soon they will return home and work towards creating an Orban-style government here in America.

Try to imagine what I am about to say here … “Imagine somebody like former president, Trump, getting elected in 2024 with both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans. Imagine the Republicans adopting some Orban-style laws giving that president the choice to declare national emergencies at will and taking over the entire government and governing strictly by decree …. right here in America …. a dictatorial government right here in America.

I am not saying such a thing will happen but I am becoming more and more personally uncomfortable with some of our Republicans with each day that passes.

Check this out and see where I am coming from …. Read More Here

Now you know.

I love a secret as much as anybody, I guess. I do so love to explore the dark places; especially those deeper regions of the mind. And Life is filled with many mysteries, all open to being explored by the inquiring mind. Therefore, I open myself to myself and to all the world around about …That is what this blog is about.

It is not necessary to proclaim my intentions because such intentions become glaringly bright in the discovery of my words … words sent into the vastness of the ethosphere, where there is no limit nor definitive realization of either time or space.

Winding and curving, dancing and writhing, like some unbridled beast are the words spoken and written … ascending and descending at one and the same time … most especially on the chariots of the bots that inhabit the Ethernet. Such a sublime tool for communicating both inwardly and outwardly — both to self and to the world round about.

Trapped in the quandary of needing relevance, there is solace in the magic of how words can take shape and change forms but still retain a semblance of their meanings and most especially under the spell of electronics.

I find myself adrift on a calm sea, in a secure boat, leisurely sailing along, driven by the winds of curiosity in the darkness, a darkness punctuated with trillion smaller lights, all blinking randomly … the space where the rivers of knowledge flow endlessly, the inner and outer space of the imagination, inside the continuum of the World Wide Web.

And so, here I am … thinking, reflecting, reminiscing, gingerly typing each impression that lights, like a transcendent firefly on a chariot of reverberating energy in the great sky of eternity …. out to the endless reaches … fast as the speed of light … always orbiting, never lost … always there for somebody to find.

It is a fulfillment.

O.K., I am hearing the news now … 14 innocent kids and one teacher murdered in a mass shooting in Texas.

O.K., so what do you want from me? Why tell ME this news? Why is it news at all anymore since there have been an unending plague of these mass shootings over the decades prior to this one?

The government never does anything about these shootings except to express their sorrow for the victims and their families and offer their thoughts and prayers.

Thoughts and prayers don’t do shit to stop mass shootings.

We need meaningful laws to keep guns out of the hands of nut cases.

But that isn’t going to happen. It has never happened and it is never going to happen so I wish people would get over it and forget it because as long as guns control the national dialogue, there is going to be more and more of these god damned awful events for everybody to offer their thoughts and prayers about.

We need gun laws with guts in them.

But it is never going to happen is it?

I thought that the schools had put officers on the premises of their facilities, armed to the teeth and able to prevent these kinds of tragedies.

I thought the schools had armed their teachers in the event of such horrors as these.

What happened to the security measures the schools were all talking about a few months ago? Have those safety measures disappeared into the radical right wing shit hole along with every other helpful or worthwhile thing?

Been Doing A Little Reading Tonight

Having had an excellent day, I went into my office to do a little reading and I will share some of that with you here because I find it interesting and relevant to what is happening in the world today.

It seems like somebody has discovered a way to add something to common tomatoes that would emulate the actions and benefits of vitamin D. So now tomatoes, which were already a healthy food for many people, will become even more important to those who need more Vitamin D in their diet. Read More.

The new Monkey Pox affliction is now slowly spreading in various areas of the world and so far, medical experts are telling us all that there is nothing to get alarmed about. At the beginning of all this, there were reportedly only 6 cases of this affliction in T he United States, but it seems there are more cases being suspected and/or studied or investigated all the time. Not to worry, though, because there are effective treatments according to reports I have read, and the disease is not fatal in most cases, even though it can cover the entire body with ugly uncomfortable lesions and cause high temperatures and a host of other nasty effects.

With the outbreak of the coronaviruses and it’s variants and now the Monkey Pox, it kind of makes a religiously inclined person start to wonder about the plagues that are prophesied to be unleashed on the earth in the last days before the Second Coming of The Savior. Read More.

In my opinion, President Biden makes some public statements sometime that I think could be considered as serious provocations of countries who do not love America and some countries that would do us harm if they got it in their heads to do so.

His latest statement where he expressed willingness to react with military force if China ever invades Taiwan sent tremulous chills up and down my spine because I think some country like China might take that as some kind of overt threat and possibly cause them to try us out …. something that could end up with the U.S. and China in a shooting war at the same time that we are also in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

In my view, all this kind of talk is just pouring gasoline on a fire that is already raging and I believe that the rhetoric should stop before something is ignited that America would be hard put to extinguish. Read More.

Now, this very evening, I read that The United States is having low level internal meetings discussing the possibility of putting special operations troops on the ground at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. According to reports I have read, nothing has yet been decided in this matter but the very thought of using American troops to guard the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine looks to me like the beginning of the end of the promise that Biden once made that no U.S. troops would ever “Fight” on Ukrainian soil during the conflict with Russia. I suppose that if troops are sent to guard the embassy, they would be given orders never to return fire if attacked. Actually I do not see that happening and I do not trust the situation I am reading about. I am just hoping that nobody in Washington finally decides to pull a Vietnam on us and starts sending “Military Advisers” into the war zone. The way I see it, all this kind of shit is so reckless and dangerous and it should all stop before something really bad happens because of it.

I guess we might just as well have a damned food shortage all over the world because everything else is going to hell in a handbasket right now, isn’t it? What harm could one more tragic happening do? I say, “Bring the shit on!” Read More.

China reportedly thinks it is a kind of Asian NATO but according to everything I have been able to find out about it, there are no NATO-style defense agreements for mutual protection against foreign nations attacking any of the members of the QUAD.
Read More.

For years now I have been messing with my blog, changing fonts, changing themes, changing, changing, changing. It must drive some people to utter distraction.
But tonight I discovered something I never knew before…. There is a feature on most computer browsers called “Zoom.”

The “Zoom” feature can be set so that blogs (and everything else you want to make bigger and easier to see or to read) can be made larger or smaller as the case may be. This means that if you are reading my blog right now and the text appears to be too small for you to read comfortably, you can zoom your computer screen up to 110% or 125% or 150% … and so forth and so on …and it will stay that way until you decide to change it.

I just discovered that this very day!

Major Upheavals In Store For The United States

The Ultra-Right MAGATS are over in Hungary getting schooled on the fine art of subverting a democracy and installing an authoritarian government, Viktor Orban-style. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why the iconic party of “The People” … the party with all those Conservative Christian Values … would want to do such a thing.

Maybe the answer is that Republican radicals have come to the point where they hate democracy because they know they can never win an honest election in a democracy and they want to do away with democracy and place themselves in power on a permanent basis with no chance of ever being defeated or out of power again.

Is that even possible with rational people? (But who says the MAGATS are rational people?)

It seems to me, sometimes, like the Republican Radical Factions are more interested in serving a King or an emperor than they are in serving a democratic constitutional republic where everybody has a say (by means of voting) in how the country is run.

But maybe there are some other people in The United States who are not in favor of serving a king or an emperor or a dictator.

But maybe those people opposed to a kingdom or some other form of dictatorial rule will have little or nothing to say about it if they are dumb enough to let the radical faction pull their plans off.

I wonder how many people in The United States are watching the conservative-dominated Supreme Court slowly doing away with voter rights, LGBTQ rights, workers’ rights, women’s rights … is there an end to the list that is not now or has not been under attack lately?

With tongue in cheek let me say, kiddingly of course, “I can’t wait to see the day come when some broadcaster becomes the only state-approved station or TV channel in the entirety of The United States licensed to broadcast news programs … and the only news programs available to that station will have been “Reviewed, Corrected and Approved” by a government-run committee of Journalism Truth Reviewers who had “Adjusted” the news content to fit the agenda of the government.

On another little “Aside” here, let me say again, “I cannot wait for the day when it will be impossible to get a job, go to a school, draw social security, get medicare, go to a hospital, buy a car, buy a house, shop at a grocery or a pharmacy … unless you can produce some kind of identification card showing that you are a certified member in good standing of some Christian Nationalist Evangelical Church.

You think these are a little off the wall … a little far fetched? These are the kinds of things I believe we will all be forced to endure if the Radical Right Wingers in this country get their hands on the government in such a fashion that they can never ever be removed or replaced again. And since they have all gone to Hungary to hear what Viktor Orban says they should do, I would not be surprised if they come back home fully prepared to do exactly that … and more … and worse!

Have you noticed lately how the right wing radicals, even at the local levels, have been gerrymandering the voting districts … redrawing deeply gerrymandered voting districts intended to give themselves a winning edge in every election? Have you seen the raft of new laws being passed in Red States that have the effect of suppressing the vote for vast numbers of minorities? Are you aware that they have even devised ways and means of cancelling out some folk’s votes on various technicalities and pretexts?

Do you know that the right wing has appointed more than 200 lower court judges for lifetime terms so that any of those lower courts can challenge or overturn anything that does not fit the agenda the radicals have put forward?

At the same time, they have been busily electing people at the state and municipal levels in every state who will have the power to control the voter count in elections and who will have the power to certify or decertify any election the radicals want overturned or otherwise controlled!

Let me tell you that when this kind of government is thrust upon The American People, you had better be considered a friend of the state or you are in deep shit! If that happens, you can kiss Freedom of Speech goodbye forever.

Actually, if what I am talking about comes to pass, the average American will have to carefully watch every word he or she says, will have to be very careful to obey, to the letter, every law and regulation placed on them …or run the risk of running afoul of a new and vicious National Police Force who stands more than ready to arrest and transport citizens for the most innocent of infractions.

In those days, the wonderful police forces we have now … the police who protect us and serve us … will have been replaced by a new force whose job it will be to protect and serve the government and nobody but the government.

Are you becoming a “Prepper” now?

Are you getting psychologically prepared for what is surely coming down the road?

Blood Test Tomorrow And Political Hell To Come

By the time this appears on the Internet, I will have gone to the Veteran Administration Medical Center to get my annual routine blood test done. This is just part of the more than excellent care I get from the VA.

I do wish we had affordable health care for all like most of the civilized world has, but it seems that we are not civilized enough to accomplish that task and every time we try it, something goes haywire with it and it turns out to be disappointing, a failure or too expensive for the average person to afford. I guess Medicine is a big business after all…. profit and more profit and to hell with the patient … unless the patient has very deep pockets, that is.

I have noticed that my favorite grocery chain is still selling really good beer for less than Ten dollars per six pack. I am sure that if the price of beer ever goes up very much we will begin to see caravans of gas-hogging pickup trucks with American flags on one side and confederate flags on the other side rampaging in convoys filled with fat-bellied, backward MAGA cap alkys and stoners, brandishing their “Secundmendmunt” rights in rage with all intentions of “Making Mericuh Great Again.”

As I got to thinking about the Republican Party and their CPAC love fest being held in Orban’s Budapest, Hungary this time around, a chill ran up my spine. It appears that a whopping 40 percent of today’s Republicans want the party to go even farther to the right than they are right now. And going to Budapest to take lessons in government from an authoritarian strong man figure suggests to me that we are in for a real dark ride if we are not very careful.

After watching the Trump administration for 4 years, it occurred to me, and this is just my personal opinion, that the Republicans are morphing from what looked to me like a neo-fascist ideology into a full-blown authoritarian fascist ideology … and that scares the living crap right out of me!

From every angle that I look at the situation with the Republicans, all I can see is a political party with enormous influence over ever facet of American Life who have fallen out of love with the idea of Democracy altogether and who are dead-set in their utter determination to tear everything we have known down and replace it with some new and nightmarish form of governing where the state dictates everything and where all citizen rights are subordinated to the will of the power brokers.

Somebody in either heaven or on earth needs to figure a legal way to avoid all this horror because I think it is on the way and there isn’t much the average ordinary Joe and Jill Public can do to prevent it. If you are thinking that the 2024 election is going to be the answer to this kind of threat, you can forget about that right now because already Trump has appointed more than Two Hundred lower court judges with lifetime tenures who can undo any good thing that good people try to do to save this country and I believe that every one of them is standing willing and ready to do just that!

Amazing New Phenomenon

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For the past couple of days, I have been both surprised and honored to note that the majority of the visitors to my blog have come from The United Kingdom. Let me assure my British Cousins that I am most sincerely grateful for the attention, and I hope that you continue to find my humble little writings interesting.

Speaking of all things British, I have, of late, cultivated a taste for what is known as “The Full English Breakfast.”


I do prefer to toast my bread however. We actually have an upscale grocery nearby who make and sell authentic English “Bangers” which is the sausage that I always use.

As to Tea, I do prefer the Twining brand which is now available here in the states. I wanted to try the Twining coffee too but I wrote to them once and they informed me that they do not sell their coffee in The United States. But the tea is more than excellent — but I dare say that on some occasions, I make myself a pot of Indian tea as well.

The woman I knew simply as “Aunt Dolly” was married to my Uncle Vernon. Vernon and Dolly were married during The Second World War. Vernon was a paratrooper and he and Dolly were married in London, England before both of them came to the United States.

My Ancestor family came to America aboard the merchant ship, “Good News” sailing from Dover, England in 1497 or thereabouts. They finally settled in New Jersey and then moved to Pennsylvania.

So even though I have been a “Yank” all my life, I do share some heritage with Noble England of which I am very proud.

It is good to see that I have been blessed by some friends from Great Britain who have discovered my blog. Welcome, my friends, welcolme indeed.

New Disease More Dangerous Than Covid-19

QUOTE ….”MAGA Pox is very real and it destroys millions of lives and families each year. Countless Thanksgivings have been ruined by MAGA Pox. While few have recovered from MAGA Pox, usually after being attacked by other victims of MAGA Pox, there is no known cure….” END OF QUOTE.

Are you interested in knowing what this treacherous malignancy is?


I believe this new disease, sweeping our nation even as I type, is far more dangerous than even COVID 19.