Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day …

But since I have been fighting an obesity problem for more than 19 years now, I am not certain that any meal of the day is the most important. I am beginning to believe that food is not really my friend although I have not found a way to do without it yet and when I desperately try to eat less of it I go around hungry and craving it most of the time.

But maybe I should be grateful that I am not having to scrounge among shrapnel, busted concrete blocks, blown-apart building and bits of dead and decaying human corpses in order to find enough to eat to sustain life … like some of the people in places like Mariupol must be doing these days.

I should get down off my comforting “Me and Mine” cushion and realize, finally, that I have had it damned good over the years and that I really have nothing to complain about because so far there is no Russian beast trying to bend me over and have their way with me.

Some of my excessive eating might be because of all the stuff that is going on in the world right now, the dread of covid 19 as well as the horrors of what is happening in Ukraine. I do not know whether to anticipate being incinerated by a Russian nuke — I remember living through this kind of fear back when Kennedy was President — It seems like the world will never learn lessons from their various follies …. and I wish the Industrial/Military Complex had something better to do than to sit around calculating the cost of a pound of human flesh as they design improvements to their end-of-the-world scenario. Bastards all!

The Military/Industrial Complex is supposed to be there to protect us but I believe more surely now than ever before their mission is more on the order of getting us all killed for the sake of their egregious profits.

The anti-war crowd is doing their best to warn everybody of the dangers facing the world but it seems that all the powers that be are either deaf or blind or dumber than a box or rocks because it looks to me like nobody is listening to common sense these days and we are all being herded over the edge of some cataclysmic cliff like a bunch of innocent little lemmings.

I absolutely feel like none of us, individually, can do a blessed thing about our own security and that we are all in the hands of something bigger than all of us combined … something that seems to get a big erection from watching human beings slaughter each other by ever more horrendous ways of killing.

And while all this is going on, the Democrats don’t know any more than to keep pumping money into the situation while escalating it with every move they make and the Republicans sit on their haunches observing and whining that we are not doing enough to escalate the war …. I feel as if the entire world has suddenly started to display a suicidal instinct of some kind.

I would go on and on about all this this morning, but there are still plenty of hours left in the day for humanity to go completely insane … so I will sign off for now and come back again when my juices start to flow toward doing a little more useless venting ….

Love you all,

Take care,


3 thoughts on “Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day …

  1. John when I was diagnosed with diabetes I learned to eat better than I had in the past…..the weight came off and the walking of MoMo helps as well….and I agree breakfast is the most important. chuq

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  2. I have a sandwich between 11am and midday every day, then a main meal close to 7pm. I never eat anything else, and walk Ollie for over 2 hours every single day, sometimes longer. But as I get older, I still have to watch my weight. I never weigh myself though, just go by how clothes fit and feel.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Pete, please private message me an example of your main meal of the day please … I think I want to try your regimen out for myself. Gmail me please.


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