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John Liming

John R. Liming is the author and publisher of the Liberal, left-of-center political opinion and commentary blog, “American Liberal Times.”

John is a proud  Honorably Discharged Veteran of The Vietnam Era and served a total of seven years and three months in two different branches of the United States Military as follows:

(1) Regular United States Air Force from 1962 to 1966

(2) United States Army National Guard from 1957 to 1959

John knows the trials and struggles of the middle class and the poor in America because he was raised in poverty and later worked in heavy industry as a union laborer.  He has known both the agonized uncertainty of poverty-stricken destitution and the joys of being able to make a decent living wage.

He is a professed non-denominational Christian but has, over the years, been associated or affiliated with several mainline American religious denominations and was, at one time, ordained as a minister in a street mission ministry dealing with the needs of the less materially blessed in an inner city environment.

John has a varied educational experience and has graduated from High School, attended a private business college and attended a major American University.  He has several business-related seminars and courses to his credit including those in Photography, Advanced Business Management and Credit and Financial Analysis.

John has owned and operated several small businesses of his own in the past but much preferred the less hectic situation of working for a pay check when he was employed in both a major American Automobile Manufacturing Plant in Michigan, a Steel Construction Accessories Fabricator in Ohio and as full-charge Credit Manager of a large kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Later in his career and still at a relatively young age, he took his own background and experiences to the Industrial field where his diversification and investment strategies served him very well as an entrepreneur

Today he has want of nothing.

John prefers the ideology and agenda of the Democrat party because he feels it represents compassion and caring for those who sometimes need a little help from their government.

John rejects totally the ideology of American Conservatism because he feels it has come to represent Big Business and the richest Americans at the expense of those who are not so materially blessed. So, having entered Industry, he pursued the ideal of providing for as much opportunity for others as possible through innovative Labor-Management Relations and adopted the values in a position which he often described as “Mutuality of Interest.” (The company must always recognize its dependence on its employees as the employees recognize their dependence on the company.)

John also feels that American Conservatism has seen some shifts to a more radical right-leaning extremism over the past few years and he sees that shift as a potential threat to the fabric and foundations of our Free Democratic Republic.

His blog is intended to shed as much light on that political paradigm as possible to keep people focused on what he feels is important – – the protection and preservation of the best that is The American Tradition, The American Heart and The American Soul.

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. ”

I take the words of that declaration with full faith and confidence in the intent of The Founding Fathers.

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Wing Nuts And Democracy

Irrational politics when combined with one form of perversion of religion or the other equals “Wing Nut” politics or as some are fond of calling it, ” Wing Nuttery!”

Wing Nut politics is most often attributed to some of the extremes of the farthest right reaches of the political spectrum, some of which can be described as “unbalanced” or even “crazy” depending on the amount of deviation from that which is generally accepted by the larger population as the “norm.”

Radicalism is closely associated with Wing Nuttery and so is one concept or another of some degree of conservatism, ultra-conservatism, hyper-conservatism, radical conservatism or fanatic conservatism.

Right Wing Extremism is right in there with the rest of the mess.

This blog, “American Liberal Times,” recognizes the dangers posed to a traditional democratic republic such as The United States of America and it is to the task of exposing Wing Nuttery wherever it may be found in our daily life or in our government that “American Liberal Times” is dedicated.

Read More At Wikipedia On Wing Nut Politics: