Blood Test Tomorrow And Political Hell To Come

By the time this appears on the Internet, I will have gone to the Veteran Administration Medical Center to get my annual routine blood test done. This is just part of the more than excellent care I get from the VA.

I do wish we had affordable health care for all like most of the civilized world has, but it seems that we are not civilized enough to accomplish that task and every time we try it, something goes haywire with it and it turns out to be disappointing, a failure or too expensive for the average person to afford. I guess Medicine is a big business after all…. profit and more profit and to hell with the patient … unless the patient has very deep pockets, that is.

I have noticed that my favorite grocery chain is still selling really good beer for less than Ten dollars per six pack. I am sure that if the price of beer ever goes up very much we will begin to see caravans of gas-hogging pickup trucks with American flags on one side and confederate flags on the other side rampaging in convoys filled with fat-bellied, backward MAGA cap alkys and stoners, brandishing their “Secundmendmunt” rights in rage with all intentions of “Making Mericuh Great Again.”

As I got to thinking about the Republican Party and their CPAC love fest being held in Orban’s Budapest, Hungary this time around, a chill ran up my spine. It appears that a whopping 40 percent of today’s Republicans want the party to go even farther to the right than they are right now. And going to Budapest to take lessons in government from an authoritarian strong man figure suggests to me that we are in for a real dark ride if we are not very careful.

After watching the Trump administration for 4 years, it occurred to me, and this is just my personal opinion, that the Republicans are morphing from what looked to me like a neo-fascist ideology into a full-blown authoritarian fascist ideology … and that scares the living crap right out of me!

From every angle that I look at the situation with the Republicans, all I can see is a political party with enormous influence over ever facet of American Life who have fallen out of love with the idea of Democracy altogether and who are dead-set in their utter determination to tear everything we have known down and replace it with some new and nightmarish form of governing where the state dictates everything and where all citizen rights are subordinated to the will of the power brokers.

Somebody in either heaven or on earth needs to figure a legal way to avoid all this horror because I think it is on the way and there isn’t much the average ordinary Joe and Jill Public can do to prevent it. If you are thinking that the 2024 election is going to be the answer to this kind of threat, you can forget about that right now because already Trump has appointed more than Two Hundred lower court judges with lifetime tenures who can undo any good thing that good people try to do to save this country and I believe that every one of them is standing willing and ready to do just that!

All You Need To Know About American Conservatives Planning Voting Strategy In Budapest, Hungary


Believe that one and I have a big, well-traveled bridge in New York that I can let you have cheap.

Let me quote something here from a fellow blogger:

“The fact that CPAC chose to hold their annual convention in Hungary and more to the point to have Orbán as their main speaker should tell you all you need to know about the course being plotted by Republicans aka conservatives for the United States.  It’s an ugly picture my friends.  I’m not a scaremonger or a conspiracy theorist, but the Republican Party has been overtaken by a wanna-be dictator and they are falling all over themselves trying to lick his boots, to please him.  What does that say for the future of this nation?

Now let me direct your attention to the blog post from the fellow blogger I mentioned before …
Please, I beg of you … READ MORE

Now please click on that link and go and read the post I have referenced here because I consider this post to be critically important to the future of The United States of America … where democracy is under heavy attack from the Conservative Right Wing extremist activists.

Now go and visit Filosofa’s Word … a really great blog!

Ukraine News Fading From U.S. Media?

Is it just me or is it true that recently we have been seeing less and less coverage of the war in Ukraine on U.S. Media? I guess the conflict has lost some of its novelty or news about it is not selling or something.

I guess the Monkey Pox is more important now.

I wonder if Biden is considering a few billion dollars to fight the Monkey Pox?

U.S. Journalists Denied Entry To Republicans’ CPAC Meeting In Budapest


It appears that the American right wing politicians are fearful of allowing U.S. Journalists to cover the proceedings of the Conservative Political Action thingy (CPAC) which is being held in Budapest in Hungary instead of in The United States this year. Reports have it that the CPAC big wigs are not going to allow any U.S. Journalists access to the proceedings this year.

What’s the big secret, fellas? Are you afraid that the American Voters might see through your new cozy affections with the authoritarians in foreign countries and begin to see through your plans to create a new party for yourself with the intent of taking over the American government and giving yourselves permanent authoritarian power … forever unchallenged … and without the necessity of elections?

Anyone with half a brain can see that is the direction you and your cohorts have been trending ever since the elections of 2020.

So now you see the need to go and hold your political action conference in a country where authoritarian regimes are venerated and adored because you love the idea of transforming The United States into an authoritarian right wing utopia and you feel safe by going over there to hold your meetings … your planning sessions … and to ban American Journalists from reporting what is going on? Read More Here.

Do you really believe that the American Voter will allow you to install a regime in Congress that sees everything through a hard-right authoritarian lens? Read More.

Is America really ready to be ruled under the thumb of a hard-core, pro-fascist, white nationalist government? Read More.

I, for one, hope to hell not!

Does anybody except for me see this move by The Republicans this year as Un-American?

What The U.S. Presidency Is Lacking

Yes, since I have so few readers these days, I am going to make this post short and to the point so listen up, America because what I am about to say is important to your future.

There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that U.S. Politics have been on a downward spiral for a long time now with little, if any relief, seen in the foreseeable future.

A lot of it appears to hinge on who is or is not President of The United States.

I have the solution that could have a seriously positive effect on this sad state of affairs.

What is my solution?

“We need to elect a president who is a transgender black woman and who is also LGBTQ.

I believe that would solve a whole lot of agenda problems for the country.

Is anybody out there listening?

Hyper Inflation Is About To Hit Health Insurance Too!

So you have been getting a little help from Uncle Sam in paying the premiums on your health insurance, have you? Well get ready, folks, because that ship has every potential to sail and leave you holding the bag for egregiously higher premiums if the Congress doesn’t get off their ass and do something and do it quick!

Have I got your attention now?

If you will recall, Biden and Company got you some relief on your insurance payments just a little while after the Covid 19 Pandemic started killing people all over The United States. Do you remember that? This “Help” was enacted to give those of you who are paying your insurance premiums all by yourself a little help during a crisis, and the help was designed to be “Temporary” and “Temporary” is reported to be just about to hit a brick wall if somebody doesn’t do something about it.

I wouldn’t expect any help from Republicans on this issue if I were you because Republicans are probably afraid that any more extra help to millions of Americans about to take a bath in higher insurance premiums would come from more taxes against the rich people … and we all know that no Republican is ever going to agree to anything like that, don’t we?

I am told that the extra help the Biden Bunch got for us to help pay those insurance premiums is going to expire sometime in December of this year, 2022, and that possibly unmanageable increases in insurance premiums could happen as soon as the beginning of the Fall season when all the leaves are turning to bright colors.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

I am not going to waste everybody’s time here and suggest that you get ahold of your elected representative in Washington because I am sure that at this time they are probably really dug in deep into some plan for a great party of some kind … or something a lot more fun that listening to our bellyaching. But if you are brave, then I don’t think it would hurt too much to give it the old college try and see if you can gain the ear of someone you have voted for so you could have someone in Washington that might listen to you.

Somebody has said that these insurance premiums might go up by as much as 50% of what they are now– can you stand that kind of hit to your wallet? (How many grocery items can you do without when the cooler weather sets in?) (How many extra sweaters and blankets will you need to keep yourself and your families warm this winter when you find out that you are having problems paying natural gas bills that might also double too?

Yes, higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher rent, higher doctor bills, higher health care insurance premiums, higher prices for gasoline, higher prices for condoms and your favorite male physique or girlie magazines, higher fucking everything … with no end in sight ..shit, folks … shit!

If you are at all interested in how you are going to make it on your income when insurance goes through the ceiling, you really need to READ MORE HERE.

I have been hearing a lot about Biden and Company’s “Build Back Better” plan and I am hoping and praying that they can convince some of their DINOS to get on board and provide some needed extra help to millions of American families before the clock runs out on this one.

I am also hoping that the right wing does not get their mitts on the White House again in 2024 either because I am convinced that if they do, only the wealthy are going to be the ones who can afford to buy and maintain health insurance for themselves and for their loved ones.


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I look at the statistics on my blog and I see that I am getting more visitors from China now than from anywhere else. Someone from there is watching but no one from there is leaving comments. I hope they are not looking for a way to hack me.

The United States, having slid a little too far to the extreme right in the last few years has now managed to get themselves a Supreme Court more or less packed with right wing extremists who are now showing their true colors and have started the process of reversing a lot of traditional citizens’ rights. I am sure this abortion thing is only the beginning of their efforts to dismantle democracy and replace it with some form of fascism.

Speaking of Fascism, there is now a big conversation going on as to whether or not former president Trump should be allowed back onto Twitter in the event that Elon Musk buys the platform. I, for one, do not care whether he is allowed back onto Twitter or not because neither Trump nor Twitter run my life. But here is one person’s opinions, a lot of which make sense to me. READ MORE HERE.

For those Americans who believe that the problems happening in America are particularly exclusive to The United States, let me inform you right now that they are not. Many of the same problems that face America today are also being faced, in one form or another or in one degree or another by many other countries, including The United Kingdom. READ MORE HERE.

Back to the Abortion debate going on in America right now — The whole mess seems to be based on some newfound morality among politicians who can not decide on what is most popular with their constituents. One one side of the debate there is a moral morality (to hear both sides claim as their own position) and there is an immoral morality as claimed by those who oppose the positions of one of the parties or the other. If that sounds like doublespeak, I am sure you can sort the whole thing out if you only take the time to READ MORE HERE.

Babies in American may be in critical trouble now that there is a massive shortage in something as simple as baby formula. The problems for the babies will come as a result of stores everywhere being out of the formula and predicting that they will be short on it for at least the rest of the year. I am sure other problems will arise as baby formula imported from foreign countries might, on occasion, be found to be substandard or even perhaps tainted in some cases.

I do hope sincerely that if America imports any baby formula from China, for example they might desire to recall something happened a few years ago. READ MORE HERE. and READ EVEN MORE HERE.

Now to the economy of The United States, an economy now in an upward inflationary death spiral! I am talking specifically about meat prices here even though everything is going to hell in a hand basket as far as prices are concerned right now … with millions of low income people being threatened with their very basic survival as the greed monster grows and depletes their meager resources. There are some very sound questions and answers to this horrible state of affairs. READ MORE HERE.

But take heart, dear friends, all is not lost … all is not doom and gloom .. there are some among us discovering some of life’s little pleasures for the very first time. READ MORE HERE.

Now you know.