John Twenty Twenty One

This is the first post on this new blog. I will be writing about my personal opinions about politics and whatever crosses my more than excellent mind for the enjoyment of whoever finds this site and reads things I have written on it.

Blog Author, Imaginary Billionaire

I am a born and raised American Male, family man, married to one woman for 33 years (Now deceased); Three grown children, all men…. Veteran of two separate branches of The U.S. Military (Army and Air Force) ex-businessman (Industrial) with some Journalism experience. My politics are Independent although my views tend to be more Liberal than Conservative.

Every thing on this blog is my personal opinion (always subject to change) and nothing I write is guaranteed to be a fact unless I represent it to be a fact.

You will find that your comments are always welcome even if they do not agree with my views but all comments appearing on this blog must be respectful and legal and I, alone, decide what will and what will not appear in comments on this blog.

In my lifetime I have been exceedingly poor and exceedingly well off so I have plenty of experience dealing with people from all walks of life.