May 22, 2022 (8:50 AM)

The rain has been intermittent but I will get outside today and either go walking or visit the summer festival that is open and running a few blocks from where I live.

I kind of like that summer festival that comes around each year about this time. There are rides for the kids. I hate the rides for myself because I do not consider them to be safe for me. There is sugar-coated kettle corn, ice cream, music, games of chance, things to see and things to do. It is not really fancy but it beats the boredom of sitting at home.

My break fast was spinach and a pork chop. I prepare my spinach with onion, garlic, butter and sour cream …. sometime a little chopped tomato, and of course, salt and pepper and a dash of cooking sherry. Wonderful stuff as a side dish or even as an entrée sometimes.

Like everybody, I need to eat more vegetables. I need a lot more green vegetables because I sometimes suspect that my Vitamin K might be a little low.

My hair is about the length where I need another haircut. But since the pandemic is still on the rise here, I still refuse to go to a barber shop because I do not trust the barbers to sanitize their instruments between customers and very few, if any, of our mostly right wing citizens around hear ever wear masks … and I doubt it all that many of them have gotten their covid shots either … so I do not wish to go to barber shops just yet and risk getting infected by some fools who refuse to take care of themselves.

My answer to the hair cut is that I give myself a cut whenever needed. I have a special instrument, a sort of rounded hair cutting shear, with a revolving blade and some length guards — It cuts hair down to around One inch in height … saves me a lot of money …. but I do dream of the day when it will be safe to return to the regular barber shops again.

The grass is starting to grow like crazy again too. Now the people who trap the moles will be coming back along with the people who keep our expansive lawns so green and pretty with their stinking chemicals. I am almost afraid to go our into the yards or the back 40 acres barefoot anymore because of all the chemicals used to keep the pests and the insects at bay. God only knows what they have done to my once beautiful and pure fish pond. But it must not be too bad, because there are still a few carp swimming around in there … and some turtles that like to climb out of the water and sun themselves on the concrete near the gazebo.

The ducks seem to have returned to the pond too. I recently had one of the ducks come to our back patio to drink out of a doggie dish that I had put out for our doberman. I was lucky enough to run and get my camera and get a picture of the duck but I do not know how to upload the picture to this new computer yet. But I will learn eventually. This is a custom-built computer that I had done to my specifications and so far it has been well worth the $2,000 dollars I paid for it.

One of my best friends, Randy, finally sold his farm and packed up his family and moved off to live in Costa Rica. I guess he got tired of all the bullshit going on here in the United States. I guess he will do alright there because he told me that he had realized a net profit of more than Ten Million dollars from the sale of all his static assets here in the USA. They tell me that it is fairly cheap to live in Costa Rica and that the government down there is friendly to Americans.

All You Need To Know About American Conservatives Planning Voting Strategy In Budapest, Hungary


Believe that one and I have a big, well-traveled bridge in New York that I can let you have cheap.

Let me quote something here from a fellow blogger:

“The fact that CPAC chose to hold their annual convention in Hungary and more to the point to have Orbán as their main speaker should tell you all you need to know about the course being plotted by Republicans aka conservatives for the United States.  It’s an ugly picture my friends.  I’m not a scaremonger or a conspiracy theorist, but the Republican Party has been overtaken by a wanna-be dictator and they are falling all over themselves trying to lick his boots, to please him.  What does that say for the future of this nation?

Now let me direct your attention to the blog post from the fellow blogger I mentioned before …
Please, I beg of you … READ MORE

Now please click on that link and go and read the post I have referenced here because I consider this post to be critically important to the future of The United States of America … where democracy is under heavy attack from the Conservative Right Wing extremist activists.

Now go and visit Filosofa’s Word … a really great blog!

The Collapse Of Civilization Is Upon Us

This is not a post from a blogger trying to scare the world. This is a post about the collapse of our civilization, the signs of which are all around us … visibly … definitely .. yet the world tries to go on just as if everything was normal … and things are far from being normal!

Our political systems are in collapse, our social and economic systems are in collapse. There is no denying it. There is no escaping it!

Have you noticed, lately, all the shortages of consumer goods that are happening? We are the richest nation on the face of the earth and we cannot even supply enough baby formula for our children? We can’t get ships unloaded from our ports? There aren’t enough truck drivers to get stuff that finally is unloaded from ships to markets for distribution?

Inflation is rising at a maddening pace, the financial markets are in decline, nations are rising up against nations, wars and rumors of wars everywhere … We haven’t been out of Afghanistan (Our longest war to date) very long and now here we are, engaged in a proxy war in Ukraine where the experts cannot predict an end to hostilities?

People today are struggling harder than ever to make ends meet and are failing miserably at it ….inflation is soaring …people are getting poorer by the day … grown adult children are still living with their parents …and the politicians do not seem to care or else they are just plain totally unconcerned about it all.

People’s lives are falling apart. There are serious and prolonged conflicts among our ethnic races and our socio-economic strata … (The Poor vs The Rich) …and these social upheavals get worse with each passing day … and some of the evidence in my opinion is all the mass shootings that have been going on …. and it can only get worse because nobody with power seems willing to do anything to put a stop to all the unnecessary gun deaths …

There is a blogger over on “Medium” who has written an article that I believe covers our present state of collapse and I wish everyone would read it. Read More Here.

This collapse is slow … it is subtle … it creeps along almost unnoticed by all but the victims … the victims who vote yet who still have no voice because of political indifference in the highest places …The end is coming and it is coming with the stealth of the proverbial thief in the night and nobody who could do anything about it seems to give a damn.

Ukraine News Fading From U.S. Media?

Is it just me or is it true that recently we have been seeing less and less coverage of the war in Ukraine on U.S. Media? I guess the conflict has lost some of its novelty or news about it is not selling or something.

I guess the Monkey Pox is more important now.

I wonder if Biden is considering a few billion dollars to fight the Monkey Pox?

U.S. Journalists Denied Entry To Republicans’ CPAC Meeting In Budapest


It appears that the American right wing politicians are fearful of allowing U.S. Journalists to cover the proceedings of the Conservative Political Action thingy (CPAC) which is being held in Budapest in Hungary instead of in The United States this year. Reports have it that the CPAC big wigs are not going to allow any U.S. Journalists access to the proceedings this year.

What’s the big secret, fellas? Are you afraid that the American Voters might see through your new cozy affections with the authoritarians in foreign countries and begin to see through your plans to create a new party for yourself with the intent of taking over the American government and giving yourselves permanent authoritarian power … forever unchallenged … and without the necessity of elections?

Anyone with half a brain can see that is the direction you and your cohorts have been trending ever since the elections of 2020.

So now you see the need to go and hold your political action conference in a country where authoritarian regimes are venerated and adored because you love the idea of transforming The United States into an authoritarian right wing utopia and you feel safe by going over there to hold your meetings … your planning sessions … and to ban American Journalists from reporting what is going on? Read More Here.

Do you really believe that the American Voter will allow you to install a regime in Congress that sees everything through a hard-right authoritarian lens? Read More.

Is America really ready to be ruled under the thumb of a hard-core, pro-fascist, white nationalist government? Read More.

I, for one, hope to hell not!

Does anybody except for me see this move by The Republicans this year as Un-American?

Comments Closed??

I just stopped following a blog where a post appeared claiming that former President Trump was the only president who never sent troops into combat in a war but still achieved a peaceful conclusion to some conflict.

The blogger has their right to their opinion of course whether I agree with him or her (whichever the case may be) or not … which, in this case, I might have to agree.

But the thrust of that blog post was (In my opinion) that the wartime leadership of President Biden and his generals is lacking or ineffective and the blog post gave me the impression that if Trump were still president he would get us out of the Ukraine mess without any military involvement of any kind at all.

I wanted to tell this blogger, “Well, if you want America to turn into a carbon copy of Russia, then go ahead and get the president that you have all the confidence in.”

But the blogger conveniently closed the comments on the post.

So I decided to unfollow the blogger.

I am thinking of closing the comments on my blog too since it appears that most of the world have already decided never to follow me either.


Alright then … I have decided to start taking a glass of water mixed with psyllium husk food supplement powder before each meal in an effort to control some of the excess body weight that plagues me. I will let you know how this experiment turns out.

I got carried away today and my lusts for forbidden foods got the best of me and I went to the local soft serve ice cream shop and purchased a small hot fudge sundae complete with whipped cream, crushed nuts and a cherry on top. Three-Hundred and Fifty useless calories. I wanted it, I have done without it long enough and I bought it and ate it, so I am responsible for any sugar spikes or weight gain … even though I will hate both if either happens.

It looks to me like the focus is shifting now away from Ukraine and onto the looming political election cycles here in The United States. Once again it appears that a lot of the right wing candidates are going to follow the Trump playbook and start complaining about rigged elections. They can never win an election honestly, apparently, so they have to resort to chicanery and all kinds of tricks and techniques to muddy the waters with hopes of sliding by actual public desire and planting themselves in elected offices by whatever means possible. Am I talking about crooked dealing here? Is the American Right Wing the only ones who resort to this kind of stuff or is it that they are just the best at doing it?

I read an article somewhere that said that service stations in Washington State are changing their price per gallon signs for gasoline from single digit to double digit prices … with expectations of being able to post gas prices of at least Ten Dollars per gallon. I also read a report somewhere else saying that the price of Ford Motor Company stock is somewhere in the range of a little more than Twelve dollars per share right now. Is that even possible? I thought Ford stock was a really big deal. As for me, I hate the idea of owning any share of stock in any corporation that is priced at less than a Hundred Dollars per share.

I got up with a slight headache this morning and as I was having my coffee, it came to my mind as follows: “There are a million thoughts that race through a human brain in the space of a single day. Where do all those thoughts go when we are finished thinking them? I sometimes get the idea that all those thoughts finally end up in the grave along with the rotting flesh of those who think them — so, in the final analysis, what good is it to think anything but positive thoughts?”

I will leave you to work that one out for yourselves.

I guess it would be appropriate, at this point, to mention a potentially new nightmare on the horizon for a world struggling with the devastation of covid 19 and its allied diseases.

The new horror is something being called “Monkey Pox.”

Just what we need right now … another new debilitating disease!

What The U.S. Presidency Is Lacking

Yes, since I have so few readers these days, I am going to make this post short and to the point so listen up, America because what I am about to say is important to your future.

There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that U.S. Politics have been on a downward spiral for a long time now with little, if any relief, seen in the foreseeable future.

A lot of it appears to hinge on who is or is not President of The United States.

I have the solution that could have a seriously positive effect on this sad state of affairs.

What is my solution?

“We need to elect a president who is a transgender black woman and who is also LGBTQ.

I believe that would solve a whole lot of agenda problems for the country.

Is anybody out there listening?