Beans are indeed wonderful things

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I never feel more alive than I do after a meal or two of beans.

My favorite beans are pinto and large white limas.

My mother always made sure we had a big pot of beans going on the old cook stove and we ate them with cornbread and a slice or two of raw onion — and sometimes that was all we had for our main meal of the day.

I do not know if it is the fiber in the beans or the generous amount of protein that makes them into such a wonderful food but I do know that they put a new spring in my step every time I have them.

There is an over-the-counter protein substance that can be bought at almost any pharmacy that prevents a lot of the intestinal gas that beans can cause and I make good use of it because it is both cheap and effective.

I think I can even testify that a good meal of beans actually puts “More Lead In The Pencil” if you get my drift.

Yes, you can add a little ham or ham hock to the beans as well to ramp up the flavors.

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