Ukraine News We Are Not Hearing About

Russian President Putin may have more problems on his plate right now than just a slow-moving War in Ukraine.

He might also have a slow-moving revolution taking shape right on his own turf as reports of sabotage of strategic sites inside Russia grow louder and more prolific with each passing hour.

Beside the many “Accidents” happening at strategic sites inside Russia itself, the Russian armed forces are also being plagued by reports that many of their own soldiers are sabotaging their own equipment and some are even refusing orders from their superiors to do their assigned missions.

According to reports, these fires and explosions are not just locally situated but are said to be happening all over Russia right now.

The Russians have reportedly begun to believe that many of these fires and explosions at strategic sites are not only the work of Ukrainian special forces but also of members of Russian resistance groups.

It appears that the West and allies might have more friends in this conflict than they were aware of.

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