Steak and Gravy

Photo by Alex Munsell and Free to use under the Unsplash License

Whenever Cousin Jeanette would come to visit with us from her palatial mansion in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, there was always one home-cooked meal that she dearly loved and that meal consisted of slow-roasted beef steak with creamy mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. By the way, folks, this has become one of my favorites also.

To make this entree, we always start with either a prime rib roast (If we are feeling particularly posh at the time or, when we are trending toward a leaner budget, we use a common butt roast.)

The idea is to roast it “Low and Slow” for at least 20 minutes per pound of meat, on a rack, in a roasting pan and to make sure there are plenty of savory seasonings on the meat and lots of garlic inserted in slits we have made with a knife into the meat.

The gravy we always use for this is au jus.

Sometimes I like to baste the roast in a good Merlot wine. It adds something that feels a little more upscale to my palate.

When we have guests for a dinner of this sort, I always wear my chef’s jacket and hat just for the dramatic effect. People tend to get a kick out of me all dressed up like that when I am cooking. Of course, I never cook anything unless it has that 5-star appeal because I do have a well-trained palate. I savor the subtle nuances of layers of flavors in any food I prepare. Using the best ingredients and the best techniques always results in a superior meal and I never settle for second best on anything.

Today we also brought home a new piece of sculpture and are using it as a conversation piece in our living room.

The sculpture is of a head that looks like either an ancient Roman figure or a Greek personage of some kind. We call it “Minerva” although we do not have a clue as to who it is supposed to represent. I can tell you that the damned thing is heavy … it feels like 50-pounds and it sits on a black onyx base and we purchased a nicely-carved Greek marble column for it to sit on. I do not know if the sculpture is authentic or if it is a reproduction of some kind. But if it is a reproduction then I can tell you that someone with a lot of skill made it. They even took the time to “Age” it so it looks really like a museum piece would be expected to look.

I like to rub the sculpture on the forehead and ask for favors. I know I am not supposed to indulge in idolatry, being a Christian myself, but it is kind of a private joke with me. Minerva is now fast becoming a regular part of our family …. a family that now consists of nobody but myself, two sons who live very remotely from me, and my dear friend and companion, Jim.

After having had some problems sleeping lately, I have been eating some magnesium gummies before retiring for the night and my sleep has improved a lot. Of course, before I popped the first of the gummies, I did talk to my personal physician about it. I never make any changes in my dietary routines without talking to my personal physician about it first and I recommend that everybody else do the same before they make any changes in their routines too.